Blogging in 2012. My Reasons for Starting.

A photo of my Harley and I taken by my friend Katie.
One of my resolutions in 2012 and something that I hope to stay consistent in doing, is blogging.  While I have never actually blogged in the personal sense, I did maintain a blog as part of a class project for several months in my sophomore year of college for an Informatics class.  The experience wasn't altogether enjoyable, and I'm going to attribute that to the fact the posts were required for course credit, in addition to being somewhat mundane in their subjects.

My resolution to blog was influenced by a couple of different things.  Every weekday, I spend give or take an hour riding the bus while on my commute between Berkeley and Mountain View.  In order to make this hour's ride somewhat productive, I have been spending it doing a lot of reading.  Although I had dabbled with Google Reader in years previous, this commute really gave me a reason to start using it a lot more heavily.  Aside from adding RSS subscriptions like the NYTimes and Wired, I went out of my way to curate and organize some really interesting blogs that I enjoy reading every morning.  Some blogs that I have been enjoying over the past few months (excluding those maintained by my friends and family) include:
Although I feel like blog's often take a backseat to other forms of social media and communication these days, they are still a way to share more intimately than a simple tweet or google+ post.  While I have found myself increasingly sharing links to interesting articles and posting quick observations across these other mediums, there are times when I would like to be able to share something more in-depth with a smaller circle of friends.  I'm not sure if blogging will be the correct medium in which to achieve that end, but I feel it is certainly worth trying.

A final motivator in my foray into blogging is that I genuinely enjoy creative writing.  The classes that I most fondly remember in both high school and college always have their subject in English.  The same can be said for the professors that had the biggest impact on me.  Being able to sit down and transfer my thoughts onto paper has always been therapeutic in that sense that it allows me time to reflect on things I might otherwise just push aside.  Now that I am actually able to think about it, I have done little or no creative writing since taking ENG 354: American Literature: The Early Modern Period with Professor Griffith in my Junior year at the University of Washington.  I sincerely hope that this blog will reverse that trend.

With regard to what I would like to accomplish with this resolution, my objectives are loosely structured.  Aside from providing myself an outlet to write again, I haven't thought about what I actually want to achieve in doing so.  Beyond providing my friends and family insights into my life, I want to make sure the blog isn't entirely focused on me.  I intend to write on a variety of subjects such as current events, technology, and interesting things that I encounter in my job at Google.

One of the reasons I haven't blogged much in the past is because I feel it's very easy to come across as pretentious or self-absorbed in doing so.  My aim is not to do this.  At the same time, I intend to make this blog as interesting as possible considering I am only a twenty-something Googler who hasn't actually accomplished that much in life yet.  

That having been said, however you might have found your way to this blog post, thank you for reading.  Look forward to more posts in the future.

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A photo of my Harley and I taken by my friend Katie.