A Lovely NYC Easter

A photo of my Harley and I taken by my friend Katie.
One of my favorite perks about life at Google is the flexibility to work remotely.  Although I am based fulltime in Mountain View, CA,  I have been able to work on occasion from Google's Seattle, New York City, and San Francisco offices.  I have even written previously on the different yet similar cultures each office offers.

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to have been afforded the opportunity to spend Easter with my family in New York City.  Round-trip flights from SFO to JFK were going for about $200 dollars on Virgin America back in February and I decided it foolish to pass up such a cheap opportunity to travel back east.  This not to mention that Google and Virgin have a wonderful working relationship.

I arrived into the city on Wednesday afternoon and proceeded to work out of Google's NYC office Thursday and Friday.  To sweeten the deal, a fellow Googler even offered to host me free of charge while I was staying in the city!  He and is wife opened their home to me and we ate a wonderful dinner at The Redhead in the East Village my first night in the city.  The food was great as was their company for the duration of my stay.

My Dad, Mom, and Brother arrived into the city Friday afternoon and we really made a weekend of it.  I was able to book a relatively inexpensive room at The Hotel Newton using my corporate discount and after checking-in on Friday we proceeded to explore the city together.  The weather was beautiful and allowed us to spend a good portion of our time outdoors. At the request of my Mom, we allowed her to lead us on a Geocaching tour of Central Park.  Although I had previously been somewhat skeptical of geocaching, I found that I actually enjoyed it quite a bit.

Wherever my brother and I go, it can be assured that we will seek out the best food possible.  Of particular note on our trip were The Dive Bar and Carmines.  The Dive Bar served pretty decent bar food and had an excellent selection of local and domestic beers on tap. Carmines provided a terrific variety of classically themed Italian food and the restaurants Easter day spread certainly did not disappoint.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was being able to see Gore Vidal's The Best Man.  Aside from the amazing cast (consisting of James Earl Jones, Angela Lansbury, Candice Bergen, and Eric McCormack), the play did not disappoint. James Earl Jones stole the show with his larger than life portrayal of the fictional former president Arthur Hockstader.

All in all, the entire weekend went by far too fast.  It can be difficult living on the opposite side of the country as the rest of my immediate family, so I always look forward to the time that we spend together at holidays.  Although we were only able to spend a few day's together, it's certainly a weekend I will be able to recall fondly.

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A photo of my Harley and I taken by my friend Katie.