Switching to Firefox

A photo of my Harley and I taken by my friend Katie.
The last time Firefox was my default browser was in 2008, and when Google released Chrome I switched and never really looked back. Eleven years later, I'm giving Firefox a shot again and I've been really happy and pleasantly surprised at just how good the modern day Firefox browser is.

From a pure design and usability perspective, I've found Firefox to be more cleanly designed and more customizable than Chrome. Feature-wise, every extension I was using on Chrome has a Firefox counterpart that works just as well. Most importantly for me however, Firefox's out of the box privacy settings, especially when used in conjunction with the Facebook Container, are infinitely better than those offered in other browsers.

Since a large portion of what I do at Quora involves web development, I've also been enjoying digging into the Firefox Developer Tools. These things are always a matter of personal preference, but for the type of workflow I often find myself in when doing web development, I've found Firefox's Page Inspector to be feature rich, cleverly designed, and quite performant.

More generally, I've increasingly found myself moving away from using Google designed software, even if I still use and enjoy the underlying services. For example while I rely on Gmail for my personal and work email, I almost exclusively used Airmail as an email client. And while I rely on Google Calendar for both my personal and work scheduling, I exclusively use Fantastical to mange those schedules.

I'm not committed to using Firefox exclusively, but switching away from Chrome has been a good reminder for me that (a) the costs to switching browsers is low, and (b) it's always good to periodically review what software you're using and especially to look at what permissions to your personal data you've granted that software.
A photo of my Harley and I taken by my friend Katie.