Race report for the Oakland Marathon

A photo of my Harley and I taken by my friend Katie.
I ran the Oakland Marathon this past Sunday and really enjoyed myself. I sporadically run half-marathons, most recently the Berkeley Half-Marathon with my good friend Mandi Spishak-Thomas, but this was the first full I had run in a while so I didn't really know how I would perform running at that distance.

The weather couldn't have been better, which helped a lot. I went off the start line just past 7:00 am leaving from Lake Merritt and the temperature hovered just above fifty degrees. About an hour into the race the sun broke through the clouds and the temperature climbed a few degrees, but still stayed cool enough where I felt comfortable during every leg of the race.

My loose game-plan was to try to run at about a 7:00 mile pace until I couldn't anymore, and that's pretty much what I was able to do.
Oakland Marathon - 26.22 miles through Oakland, CA.
I hit something of a wall at mile twenty two, but at that point with only four miles to go it really didn't matter that much.

I finished with a time of 3:16:44 and Strava clocked me at a total distance of 26.98 miles. Over the course of the race I gained 267 feet in elevation and and averaged a pace of 7:17. My individual mile splits were:
  1. Mile 1: 7:13
  2. Mile 2: 7:05
  3. Mile 3: 6:30
  4. Mile 4: 6:50
  5. Mile 5: 6:57
  6. Mile 6: 7:02
  7. Mile 7: 7:05
  8. Mile 8: 7:02
  9. Mile 9: 7:08
  10. Mile 10: 7:13
  11. Mile 11: 6:55
  12. Mile 12: 6:59
  13. Mile 13: 6:55
  14. Mile 14: 7:24
  15. Mile 15: 7:16
  16. Mile 16: 7:17
  17. Mile 17: 6:58
  18. Mile 18: 6:57
  19. Mile 19: 7:08
  20. Mile 20: 7:06
  21. Mile 21: 7:16
  22. Mile 22: 7:47
  23. Mile 23: 8:20
  24. Mile 24: 7:55
  25. Mile 25: 8:22
  26. Mile 26: 8:06
From a hydration and nutritional standpoint, I also adopted a pretty laissez-faire attitude. There were fourteen aid stations on the course, so at each of those I grabbed a Gatorade and at three I also grabbed a Gu shot (one of which was birthday cake flavored and was disgusting).

Melanie met me on the course at the halfway point to cheer me on, and again at the finish line. I drank a Drake's IPA at the finish and felt great.
A photo of my Harley and I taken by my friend Katie.